History Of The Future

Aug 27

Nuzzel - This is Uber's playbook for sabotaging Lyft

Stanford bioengineers close to brewing opioid painkillers

Aug 21

“Revolutionising remote healthcare with graphene sensors” —

(Source: kurzweilai.net)

Aug 14

New Nokia smartphone prototype charged by sound (5V Piezoelectric output)

Aug 07

George Osborne hopes to turn Britain into bitcoin capital

Spotify Is Using Deep Learning to Recommend Songs You'll Love But Never Knew Existed

Jul 23

Sweat sensor could make iWatch most personal device ever

Jul 22

Noninvasive retinal imaging device detects Alzheimer’s 20 years in advance

Octoblu launches: Skynet internet of things tools professional grade

Jul 21

The little girl who may hold the secret to aging